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The Buy-back program is a facility offered at Karatvan to ensure customer satisfaction. This Buy-back Program is a program where customers can resell jewelry purchased at Karatvan at 30% discount. The buy-back program also applies if the customer wants to replace the jewelry. Please read the applicable buy-back policy if you wish to sell or replace your jewelry in Karatvan.


Here are the terms and conditions of the buy-back program that must be considered before you resell or change your jewelry in Karatvan:

  • Karatvan does not accept the sale of jewelry with special symbols, for example: name or initials.
  • The process of reselling or replacing jewelry can be done at our nearest store (information store, please check here)
  • The price of jewelry to be paid by Karatvan is 70% of the initial purchase price, provided that the product is not damaged or defective, and has an official certificate
  • Karatvan does not accept product cancellations for the reason of 'change of mind'. If you would like to replace the jewelry you ordered, please contact our Customer Agent Representative at +62811 10 70 500 or email to [email protected] (buy-back policy will apply).
  • If the jewelry to be resold is damaged or defective, then the resale price will be lower. The more the number of defects found in your jewelry, the selling price will decrease.
  • If you want to resell the purchased jewelry, then want to replace it with a new one, then the money you will receive or pay depends on the price of the new jewelry.

Here's a quick illustration of resale and jewelry replacement:

Frankurt bought a diamond ring in Karatvan online on July 2, 2016 for Rp 25.000.000. Then after one year's wearing, Frankurt wants to sell back on July 2, 2017. So, he can immediately come to the nearest store Karatvan to resell the jewelry he bought with an official certificate of jewelry.

The total money to be received by Frankurt is worth IDR 17.500.000 (70% of the initial purchase price, if the jewelry is not damaged or defective). However, if found some damage to the jewelry to be sold, then the sale price is less than IDR 17.500.000 (total money paid depends on the lot and type of damage or disability).

After getting the sale price, Frankurt intends to buy new jewelry, a Pendant for example for 18 million, then Frankurt only need to pay the shortage of money only.

So the total price Frankurt pays is:

The remaining money paid

: =  Ring Buy Back Price - New Pendant price 
: = 17.500.000 - 18.000.000
: = IDR 500.000 is the difference to be paid in order to buy the new Pendant

However, if Frankurt only wanted to buy a ring for IDR 5,000,000, then the rest of the money Frankurt received was:

The remaining money Frankfurt will receive

: = Ring Buy Back Price - New Ring Price
: = 17,500,000 - 5,000,000
: = IDR 12,500,000 will be returned to Frankfurt