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Purchasing a jewellery is something that needs a deep thinking. You need to consider each part carfully. When you are about to purchase an expensive jewellery, you must be thinking that you would wear it for a long time, right? If it is so, you need to know how to take care of your jewellery properly so that your jewellery will keep shining as when it was purchased on the first time.

Here are the things to do to care for your jewellery:

  • Do not expose precious metals to chemicals. This can cause discoloration. You should remove your jewellery when you want to do heavy-duty activities or chemical-related activities, such as cleaning house, cooking, gardening, lifting heavy items, and other activities. You also have to be careful when applying make-up, cosmetics, and hairspray because those products may contain chemicals which could damage your jewellery.
  • Remove the jewellery when you want to swim. Chlorinated water also triggers the damage to precious metals appeared, such as your jewellery. In addition, it is also better to remove the jewellery while doing other heavy exercise because that activity could damage your jewellery.
  • Make sure your jewellery is not rubbed with other jewelleries or other metals, because small friction could create some damages to your jewellery (save each jewelleries separately)
  • Put your jewellery on a soft surface cloth. Please make sure that the jewellery box is always placed in a clean and dry place.

If you have an expensive diamond, please make sure that you also know how to take care of it properly. Here are the things you can do to take care of your precious diamonds:

  • Avoid testing diamonds by scraping them on glass or bottle surfaces.
  • Avoid direct and constant exposure to heat and sunlight. Keep in mind that some gemstones can be damaged if it is exposed to sunlight directly.
  • If your diamond is scrapped or pressed by something hard, you should have check it as soon as possible to ensure that the settings are not loose. This is done to prevent your diamond disappeared.

Your jewelleries and diamonds also need to be cleaned to make it shiny and reflect light very well. Here are the easy tips to clean up your jewellery:

  • Clean up your jewellery by using warm water and mild dish soap (do not use liquid detergent, powder or solid), then brush your jewellery gently with a soft brush.
  • Never rinse jewellery directly in the sink. It is because the water pressure can loosen the stones.
  • Take a glass of clean water, then put and rinse your jewellery on the glass.
  • Please take a note that organic gemstones are easily getting scratched. So you should have always use a clean brush / makeup brush and a warm soap to make it clean.
  • Make sure the jewellery is completely dry before you wear it. Please keep in mind that you should only use polishing jewelry fabrics to wipe your jewellery.
  • Do not use any tissue or paper because the fibers in it can cause scratches on the jewellery.