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Diamond is a beautiful, exquisite, rare and cherished stone. Diamond is also one of unique stones which gives a miracle to anybody who wear it. Each diamond has specific qualities that establish its value. Diamonds global standards are measured and defined by: Color, Clarity, Cut and Carat Weight.

1. CUT

Cut (cutting) on a diamond is the main important point to consider when you are about to buy a diamond. It is because the perfection of diamond’s cutting will determine the level of the reflected light received by the diamond its self. In order to test the cutting quality of a diamond, you should have a look at from the top of the diamond therefore you can see how the pattern of light reflection reflected by the diamond looks like.

The diamond’s cut is something which needs to be considered carefully before purchasing the diamond because it affects the price. GIA (Gemological Institute of America) has determined the grading scale of diamond’s cut which starts from poor, fair, good, very good, and ideal (excellent).

A diamond with a good cutting proportion will produce a brilliant shine and generate maximum reflections of light. Then, the diamond which its cut is too short and deep will not be able to reflect the light very well, thus making diamonds look dull and not brilliant.

The following is the diamond cut scale set by the GIA (Gemological Institute of America):

Ideal Cut

Diamond with an ideal cut or commonly called as the excellent cut is a diamond with the best cutting quality. Therefore, the light received can be reflected perfectly and beautifully.

Very Good Cut

Diamonds with very good cut could also include as diamonds with good quality, but the light reflected is not as good as diamonds with ideal cut. Thus, diamond prices with very good pieces are cheaper than diamonds with ideal cuts.

Good Cut

A diamond with a good cut is a diamond which is much more cheaper than the diamond with an ideal or very good cut. It is because the diamond is not able to reflect light well. Thus, the diamond looks a bit dull.

Poor / Fair Cut

A diamond with a poor or fair cut is the diamond on cheapest price among other diamonds. This cutting type could not reflect the light and makes the diamond look dull and not bright,

Karatvan only provides diamond with ideal and very good cut.


Carat is the second point to consider when you are about to purchase a diamond. It is important because the bigger carat’s size of the diamond, then the price would become more expensive too. Carat in diamond is defined as the unit to measure the weight of a diamond stone. In metric units, one carat equals 0.2 grams. One carat, subdivided in points. 1 carat equals 100 points. With the division into these 100 points, the calculation of the weight of the diamond stone becomes very precise.

The price of diamond stone will increase along with the increasing weight of carat in diamond. This price increasing occurs because it is very difficult to find large diamond stones in the universe. For example, if you have two diamond rings with the same Cut, Clarity and Color conditions, one ring consists of 1 diamond 1.00 carat then, another ring consists of two diamonds which each diamond consists of 0.50 carat diamond. So, in this case, the ring with 1 carat diamond will be more expensive than a ring with two 0.50 carat diamonds, although the total carats of both rings are the same, which is 1.00 carat.


The third point to consider when purchasing a diamond according to the principle of 4C is the color (color) diamond. It needs to be considered because the color of the diamond is something that can be seen easily by the naked eyes. An ideal diamond should have no color at all. The great diamond should look like clean water which is clear, clean, and brilliant. However, due to the influence of various factors, it is very difficult to get diamonds with a clear color quality.

This situation makes diamonds with colorless color (colorless) become more expensive compared to diamonds which has been contaminated by dyestuffs. The color grading (color grading) on a diamond is measured on a scale ranging from no color at all (D) to highly colored (Z). Diamonds with the color in grade "Z" is the cheapest diamond compared to others. It happened because the diamond is not clear and carries light yellow color. The diamonds in grade D, E and F color is the most expensive diamond when we compare to other grade below. Ii is very difficult to find the diamond in these three grades color. Karatvan always provides you the diamonds in F color, so you will receive the high quality diamonds.


The clarity of a diamond is the last point to consider if you are going to purchase a diamond. A diamond with good clarity (clarity) is a diamond which does not have inclusion at all. In the certificate issued by the GIA, the diamond grade clarity is determined on the basis of an assessment of the presence or absence of inclusion in the diamond. The less inclusion appears, the higher the grade of clarity is.

A perfect diamond which is clear, colorless and no inclusion is very difficult and rare to find. Even for people who are involved in diamond trading business, they could only be able to get one or two perfect clarity of diamond during their lives. Most experienced and professional diamond businessmen usually place clarity grade as the last thing to consider in choosing a diamond, compared to other 4C on the diamonds. Cut and Carat should be considered as the first thing before purchasing a diamond, because the two points are most visible and could be observed easily. Without using a magnifying glass, somebody cannot be able to distinguish two diamonds in clarity grade VVS1 or VVS2.